Kylie In The USA: Stateside Promo Is Coming!

Above: Kylie at the Hollywood sign in the late 80's, Below: the Hollywood sign today :D
Kylie and Andres Have Arrived 
In Los Angeles!
Could Kylie be in the US for some 'Timebomb/Best Of' promotion?
 The answer is YES! Kylie confirms:

A source from the Bravo TV show 
"Watch What Happens LIVE!" is reporting:

"Hey all, Kylie was just confirmed for Bravo's "Watch What Happens" in 2 weeks, and other promo is in the works on US TV and media. It looks like her trips to NYC and LA weren't just vacation after all! I'll update if I hear anything else she's confirmed on. I doubt she'll perform, as WWH isn't that kind of show, but she will def talk about Timebomb. Bravo is a very um..."gay friendly" network in the US and the host, Andy Cohen is a big Kylie fan. She'll be preaching to the choir, but it will help get word out about the single and greatest hits."
Update: Kylie will be appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen in NYC on Thursday June 28th!
Update: Kylie will be interviewed by Chelsea Handler on the "Chelsea Lately" show in LA on Wednesday June 20th! 
Update: Kylie will be a guest on "Fashion Police" in LA with Joan Rivers on Friday June 22nd! 
Chelsea Lately and Fashion Police are broadcast on the
 E! Network, the shows are taped in Los Angeles.

Check out a recent clip from "Fashion Police":

UPDATE: Kylie Will Make An Appearance On 'The Soup' On E! - Wednesday Night June 20th!

JUNE 20, 2012
Below: Kylie at 'The Soup' studio with Joe Manganiello
Perez Hilton interviewed Kylie:

Kylie tweets...
Kylie gave another interview today by Australian Renee Bargh, for ExtraTv. No word yet on the air date. Pics below:

WATCH: Kylie On "Chelsea Lately" and "The Soup" click HERE!
WATCH: Kylie On "Fashion Police" click HERE!

JUNE 23, 2012
Kylie had a sing-a-long at NYC PRIDE!
She sang Timebomb and All the Lovers...For a full report check out 
Live Learn Shine On! Thanks to @IrynaKim
WATCH: Kylie At NYC Pride click HERE!
WATCH: Perez Interviews Kylie (Full Interview) click HERE!
WATCH: Kylie on "VH1's Big Morning Buzz" click HERE!
WATCH: Kylie on New York Live below:

 Remember that Kylie's "Best Of" is OUT NOW, and "Timebomb" OUT NOW is the Hottest single on the Billboard Dance Charts! 

The EP of remixes for Timebomb are coming very soon with Peter Rauhofer as one of the remixers!

The video for Timebomb has now reached over 7 million views on YouTube! Whoooop!

 Stay tuned for all the latest on


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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Oops - I didn't even realise that the Best Of was going to be released in the US. What a shame it isnt a more comprehensive collection (I havent even placed my order yet from the UK, but I'll do it in the next few days). Looking forward to see what kind of promo she will do in the US!

I will miss the monthly surprises when this year is over - such a brilliant idea to have these 25th surprises every month.

Marky Marc said...

I forgive you for not reading about the US release, you must have been blinded by M's latest antics ;)
I am SO loving K25, the release of Timebomb has really made it for me, it is such a Freaking GREAT song, and gets better every time I hear it...and the EP of remixes are on the way! Almost 7 million views on uTube for Timebomb...not to shabby for a little gift to her fans!
Shine ON, Kylie!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Oh, I was totally blinded! That woman and her antics ;)

I just adore you Americans, renaming the Hollywood sign to a much nicer and appropriate title ;) Made me laugh outloud!

Fashion Police with Joan Rivers???? Dear god, what is not on television? Looking forward to the interviews, I have been watching loads of interviews recently from the release of "Aphrodite". Hugs, H

Marky Marc said...

We are very proud and grateful for Kylie's stateside success. As a 25 year fan, I never thought I would see this. Kylie is a household name in the US! Fashion Police is a very fun and sassy show, can't wait! Also Fashion Police and Chelsea Latley are repeated over and over for maximum exposure! I only hope K will surprise us with a performance of "Timebomb" someway...maybe NYC gay pride!

Jon said...

"Perez Hilton and Kathy Griffin meeting with Kylie for dinner at Cher's house" sounds like a Gay Pride celebration by itself... All you'd need to add to that sentence would be "Bette Midler singing a duet with Liza while draped across Elton's piano" and you'd have the whole shebang! Jx

Marky Marc said...

hehehe Welcome back, Jon! We missed you! :)