LISTEN: Kylie's SiriusXM Radio Interview With Larry Flick

The Abbey Road Sessions Will Be Released!
Last week Kylie was a guest on "The Morning Jolt with Larry Flick" on SiriusXM. It was the perfect way to end her K25 USA Promo Tour. The in-depth interview is one that all Kylie lovers must hear!
 She talked about K25, filming 'Timebomb', confirmed that 'the Abbey Road sessions' will get a proper release, vocal training, the upcoming PWL concert, Anti-Tour and more! The fabulous Mr. Steve Anderson has uploaded the full interview for us all to enjoy.

Take a Listen:

A special Thank You to Larry Flick and Steve Anderson!

and a Extra Special Thank You to Kylie for sharing part of 
K25 with your long-time loyal Stateside Lovers!

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Jon said...

My best friend from school Shane is Larry's spouse... Jx

Marky Marc said...

Awesome! it's a small world after all. :D