WATCH: Kylie Minogue - Enjoy Yourself Tour (1990)

Recorded live on 5th February 1990 in Sydney, Australia.
The Enjoy Yourself Tour was Kylie Minogue's first world tour following the success of her second studio album, Enjoy Yourself. By the start of the European leg of the tour, Minogue had started to take control of her image and musical direction, demonstrated by the release of the career milestone single Better the Devil You Know, which would be performed as part of the encore during the leg.
Though never released on VHS or DVD, video footage of the full show appeared on the Internet in May 2008. We now have the entire show -in full- from the second night of the tour on YouTube...Enjoy Yourself!
The Locomotion
Got to Be Certain
Hand on Your Heart
Love at First Sight
Made in Heaven
My Girl (acappella)
Tears on My Pillow (acappella)
I Should Be So Lucky
I Miss You
Nothing to Lose
Medley: Blame It on The Boogie / ABC
Tell Tale Signs
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
Never Too Late
Wouldn't Change a Thing
Look My Way
Dance to the Music
Enjoy Yourself
Thank you ImpossiblyFragile for uploading!
BONUS: Kylie Minogue performs 'Better the Devil You Know' for the first time ever on TV, back in April 1990. Notice a very young looking Phillip Schofield with dark hair. The Live Line phone-in section is interesting. It shows what a young Kylie was thinking back in the day.
Now That's A K25 Blast From The Past :)

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Jon said...

A gay classic! Better the Devil You Know is still played at 12.30 am every Saturday night at G.A.Y. even since its move to Heaven club, and for the resident drag queens Crystal D'Canter and Kelly Mild at Halfway to Heaven pub, it is their absolute show-stopper every Sunday. Some songs endure the test of time... Jx

Teddi said...

Totally agree

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

BTDYK is an absolute classic - perhaps even more so then "I Should Be So Lucky". It has always been one of my top 3 Kylie songs!

Thanks for the concert! I downloaded it a while back but somehow lost it - I'm downloading this now and I'll burn it to DVD. Shame it was never officially released (BTW: I would LOVE an official DVD of the LGTI tour - I watched my TV recording on repeat back in 1992! I still love it - especially the "Got To Be Certain" performance!)