Kylie 25: New Album To Be Released In May?

(Above: EMI Promo Cd from earlier this year)

Today we have news of a release date for Kylie Minogue's new album. Music Week (a music industry magazine) now has the album "KYLIE 25" listed with a release date of 
MAY 28th 2012! (Kylie's Birthday!)

"A listing in Music Week...It's as official as an announcement on It's only a matter of time before an official announcement is made."
Thanks to Kewong from Say Hey for the scans of the EMI promo CD!
Thanks to Kim at LiveLearnShineOn for the update!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Very exciting!!! Hope this is true (I could not find any info on the Music Week site). Do you know if the Finer Feelings promo CD is for real? I have never seen a single copy of it anywhere...

Marky Marc said...

We will see...all the sources have very good reputations!

Marky Marc said...

just found out...You need to be a subscriber in order to view it on the Music Week site.

Marky Marc said...

More CONFIRMATION!...My friend and someone I TRUST...DjGarthy is a subscriber to Music Week...HE SAW IT WITH HIS OWN EYES! It is going to happen! (Thanks Garthy and Kim!)

MarnsLovesKylie said...

Whooopppp!!! Can't wait. Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh My GOSH!!!! May is going to be an epic month for pop music! First Scissor Sisters and NOW Kylie!! I'm gonna die :)

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

FABULOUS!!! (Not that I ever doubted you sweetie - its just that the whole thing about the FF promo CD has been a bit strange). Hopefully we will get a detailed press release for this soon. So, a new Kylie album AND the new Toni Braxton album in the same month - fantastic!!!