"The Best Of Kylie Minogue" To Be Released In June

EMI Catalogue will release ‘The Best of Kylie Minogue’ on June 4th in the UK and June 19th in the US. The album features 21 of the best known Kylie songs from her incredible 25-year career, on one disc. The tracks were chosen by the fans through extensive market research conducted by EMI late last year. 18 of the tracks were top 5 in the UK, including 5 number 1’s !
A Special Edition CD/DVD will also be made available, with the DVD featuring all the accompanying videos.

Kylie’s first single, “Locomotion” (later re-titled by Pete Waterman as The Loco-Motion”) was released on 28th July 1987 . . . 25 years ago this July! She is celebrating this milestone throughout the year with an eclectic program of musical releases, performances, collaborations, publications, merchandise, film and other surprises.

She recently headlined The Mardi Gras in Sydney before immediately embarking upon her bold and much anticipated Anti Tour. Next month sees her performing for the Queen’s Jubilee in front of Buckingham Palace and later headlining Proms in the Park, followed by a continuing series of surprises, world-wide.

The tracklisting for ‘The Best of Kylie Minogue’ is:

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
Spinning Around
I Should Be So Lucky
Love At First Sight
In Your Eyes
Kids (with Robbie Williams)
Better The Devil You Know
All The Lovers
Give Me Just A Little More Time
Red Blooded Woman
I Believe In You
On A Night Like This
Confide In Me
Get Outta My Way
The Loco-Motion
Tears On My Pillow
In My Arms
Never Too Late
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There is still no word as to when or even if there will be a release for the orchestral greatest hits where Kylie recorded songs at the Abbey Road studios last year. :( Hopefully this is still to go ahead and we will hear of a release date in the very near future.

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George The Lovebird said...

I find this release very disappointing.

There are no new songs or alternative versions, the artwork is not original, it is simply EMI cashing in.

Die hard Kylie fans have all these tracks and deserve so much more.

This IS NOT a special release for a special year #k25.

Marky Marc said...

Agreed! My wish for K25 would be: A AntiTour CD/DVD, A Abbey Road Sessions CD/DVD, A Singles Box set with EVERY remix, a year end DVD with all the K25 performances...which would include 'TimeBomb single' 'Mardi Gras' 'Queens Jubilee' 'Proms' Etc.
A 50+1 type cd non-stop mix (50+1 part 2) and a Christmas/Holiday cd.

Marky Marc said...

Oh and a 'Unreleased Collection' CD!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Marky sweetie - you NEED to work for Miss Minogue, to make sure things are done correctly!!!

I am hoping that this release is just the "for the general public" release, and that the real juicy stuff for the fans comes later this year.