Kylie Has Cameo In 'Jack And Diane' Movie

Bradley Rust Gray's new movie 'Jack and Diane' had it's World Premiere last night at Tribeca in NYC.
Kylie Minogue has recorded a song for the soundtrack, and has a cameo in the film!

A friend of ours attended. He reports:

"The movie is about two young girls (possibly 19 or 20 years old) who meet in NYC and fall in love. Jack is the more masculine one. while she's pursuing Diane, there is a scene where Jack goes to a tattoo parlor where Kylie's character is the owner. And apparantly they are casual lovers and the scene is of the two of them kissing and about to have sex. Kylie was not glamorous at all, with lots of tatoos on her body and frizzy hair. I'm sure you may have seen some of the paparazzi pics of when she was filming. Kylie's role was small, and a wee bit scandalous."
"After the movie, the director gave a Q&A. Someone asked about how they got Kylie. He said that her agent contacted their producers to say she was interested in doing independent film roles. He said that on the day of filming she had flown from the UK after a concert. It took about 4-5 hours to put on the fake tattoos. After the filming scene, she flew back."
Jack and Diane opens in theaters this 
November 2nd and ON DEMAND September 28th
Thank you so much to Angel Love Figueroa!
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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Wow, that's a surprise! Looking forward to hearing the full song! And yes, Múm are from Iceland, although I have never heard anything from them (I dont like Icelandic music in general).

angellovef said...

YOU'RE WELCOME! I almost got pissed that you stole my review, until I got to the end where I saw my name credited! LOL. Thanks!!! xoxo