WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Kylie Minogue - Cherry Bomb (Anti Tour 2012)

Here it is...Kylie's "Tweet to Unlock" April surprise!

Enjoy the video of Kylie Minogue's Cherry Bomb!
(The track originally appeared as a b-side to her 2008 singles ‘Wow‘ and 'In My Arms')
From opening night of the Anti Tour in Melbourne, Australia on March 18, 2012.

MP3 download:
Video download:
"So, seems like LOVERS are EVERYWHERE!!" -Kylie 
 #TheMoreIThinkOfYouTheMoreIMeltLikeIceCream #MyHeartIsADelicious#CherryBomb
Thank You, Kylie! Whoooooooooooop!
Please Release a Blu-Ray/DVD!
Thanks to Kane for the DL links!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I love the live version!!! It would have been amazing to see this show live...

Pablo said...

is there any chance this could be re-upped? I can't find it on computer. thanks so much