Kylie's Anti Tour Hits London

Kylie Minogue brought her stripped-bare Anti Tour to London last night, performing a catalogue of B-sides, demos and other relative unknowns to her hardcore fans at Hammersmith.

"She didn’t even need the glitter; she sparkled brightly all by herself." - Emily Jupp
Some of the songs were obscure even to the pop princess herself, who had to keep a lyric sheet to hand, and even used it as a prop during Give Me Just A Little More Time.

The 5000-strong crowd enjoyed every second! Pete Waterman, (pic below) the man who originally brought her to sing in the UK, was there and will no doubt be intent on her topping the bill at his PWL reunion concert at Hyde Park in July. We hear that Will Young, Boy George, Christian Vermaak, Biffco and Karen Poole were also at the show.
WATCH: Clips from the Anti Tour in London...
Kylie came dressed for the part in an eighties-throwback ensemble, studs and all. Kylie was accompanied by her band and three Backing Vocalists. The music, most of which had never been sung live before, was arranged by Kylie’s long time musical director, Steve Anderson.
"I really hope other countries get this. It really was a special concert. I never thought any of her tours would eclipse Intimate & Live for me, but this wins hands down." 
Kylie tweeted after the show...
 "#AntiTour THANK U LONDON, Thk u everyone who came to the AT shows!!!"

Thanks to Dan, Garthy, Carolynn, Kane and Elle for the photos! and the

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Teddi said...

This must be released for us who could not go!

Marky Marc said...

100% Argee!!!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Wow, so many new snipptes! Would have been wonderful to be there, fingers crossed for a DVD!

Anonymous said...

I know, an ANTI TOUR DVD would be awsome!