Anti Tour HD: Full Download

Here It Is, the full Anti Tour recorded In HD
The full show Is in 720p-1080p quality, some Bonus are In 480p quality
Credits to every video: YouTube
Credits for upload: patribep user from SayHey UK


01. Magnetic Electric
02. Made In Heaven
03. Cherry Bomb
04. BPM/Mighty Rivers
05. I'm Over Dreaming Over You/Always Find The Time
06. You're The One
07. Tightrope
08. Paper Dolls
09. Stars
10. Drunk
11. Say Hey
12. Too Much
13. Bittersweet Goodbye
14. Disco Down
15. I Don't Need Anyone
16. Got To Be Certain
17. Things Can Only Get Better
18. That's Why They Write Love Songs
19. Tears On My Pillow
20. Enjoy Yourself

Total running: 1:20;40


01. Bring It Back-What Kind of Fool-It's No Secret
02. Do It Again
03. Finer Feelings
04. Give Me Just A Little More Time
05. I Know
06. Its no Secret
07. Lovin You-Let's Get To It
08. One Boy Girl
09. Rainbow Connection
10. Step Back In Time
11. Tell Tale Sign
12. Word Is Out

Total Running: 00:41;20





Thanks to Kane for the cover!
You have to download all 35 parts first, and then extract all in one go. The password is case sensitive.
For SuperFans Only! :)
Audio Only mp3s Link in Comments.

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

OK, yes please, me superfan long time ;)

It will take a while to download though - but thanks SO SO much for this!!! Are you happy with the quality?

Marky Marc said...

Yes you have permission! ;) I haven't DL yet myself...others in the forum seem to like! :)

me said...

This is so awesome!! Is the second disc from a different show?

Marky Marc said...

they are all highest quality videos from different nights of tour.

Marky Marc said...

Audio Only Download: and about 150 mp3s of anti tour in both files so choose the best ones for yourself :) Thanks to GAV for this!

.:: *Rodo* ::. said...

the only thing I can say is BIG THANK YOU GUYS!!!! the most amazing tour ever... only for fans.... thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Maybe I will never had the choice to see this tour in live (I'm from Chile, Southamerica) but hearing it and watching the videos makes me feel like I was there!!!!!!

Richard Danyel said...

Thank u so very much what a pitty she hardly will come to Brasil but i am very happy for this concert...
Don't you have Kylie Minogue Proms In The Hyde Park 2012 on HDTV?

Marky Marc said...

Pablo said...

any chance on a re-up of this as well. i'm so sorry but I seriously thought I had this

tipsformac said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tipsformac said...

I've tried to download part 35 for about 2 weeks and I still get the error page. Is it possible to re-upload it? It's the only one missing for me! ;~~~ thanks in advantage!

Douglas MacLennan said...

this is fantastic! Wonder if you might be able to re-post the audio only links? The two posted in 2012 are both down... many thanks!

Richard Grainger said...

Thank you so so much for doing this.

Pretty tricky to get into iTunes but got there in the end.

Brilliant - thank you