Kylie Receives Special O2 Silver Clef Award

Kylie Minogue was overjoyed to receive a Silver Clef award in recognition of her service to the music industry last night.

The 44-year-old admitted at the London event that she never expected to have such an accolade.
She gushed: 'I never would have thought 25 years ago I could have got an award like this and I think that's why I was so emotional up there.'

'It's really hard to comprehend and how to express my gratitude.'
Speaking backstage at the Hilton Park Lane, she added: 'It makes me proud, really proud. I can definitely see with some distance what's gone well, what hasn't gone well, the journey that I've been on, what I've learnt.'

Kylie posted a picture of herself with the award on Twitter, writing: 'Today I was so lucky, lucky, LUCKY!!!! Thank you Nordoff Robbins for my Silver Clef Award!!!'
It is second only to The Music Industry Trust Award that's given to a single great artist every year, and is the highest accolade that the music industry in the UK can give... In 2007, in it's 18th year, Kylie's the only female to have ever been awarded inclusion into this phenomenal great pantheon of 20+ music Legends!
 Kylie told Absolute Radio reporter Tania Snuggs that she's looking forward to her eagerly anticiptated duet with former boyfriend and Neighbours co-star Jason Donovan at an 80's and 90's reunion gig in July. Kylie was speaking at the O2 Silver Clef Awards in London where she was honoured with the 25th Anniversary prize.
Watch and Enjoy:

Congratulations, Kylie! well deserved.

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