Christian Larson: His "Timebomb" For Kylie Minogue

An Exclusive Interview with Christian Larson 
(director of Kylie's "Timebomb" video)
by Dine Delcroix

This year, Kylie Minogue turns 25-year career in the music industry. The celebration of this grand finale takes place in great pomp through an ambitious project called " K25 ", which is to give a gift to his fans on the twenty-fifth day of each month. The concept already identifies video, a compilation, intimate concerts and numerous television appearances and event. A year after all responsible for the woman to the 90 million records sold worldwide.

The Australian star had been spotted in the streets of London surrounded by cameras on April 21 last has finally ended the speculation surrounding the mysterious shooting, the secret was well kept and it is precisely on the morning of May 25, 2012 that confidential video was unveiled on its official website after an explosive countdown. Entitled " Timebomb ", this new single is, so far, the biggest surprise of the project" K25 ".

For carrying out the clip, the singer turned to Larson. Known for his teamwork with director Jonas Åkerlund on several iconic videos for Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez or Britney Spears, the director and editor of Sweden is now one of the most popular of his generation . The care he brings to the aesthetics of his images and the precision of his mounts have earned him the trust of leading brands such as Dior and Dolce & Gabbana for which he directed international commercials.

In total exclusivity for LIZ MAGAZINE , Larson agreed to answer my questions, tell me about his collaboration with the pop princess and get back on the highlights of the preparation of its clip. A meeting for a prodigious single interview!
You nicknamed Chrissy James. Why?

Well, that's my name on Twitter. I had to pick one because my real name was already taken. James is my grandfather. He was an explorer who traveled around the world in the 1920s and who worked for the King of Sweden. That's where it comes from.

What gave you the urge to exercise in broadcasting?

I've always been interested in film and more by the encounter between the film and music in audiovisual production. I am always fascinated when the images are connected to the music and that's why the assembly constitutes the major part of my job.

What are the filmmakers that affect you?

In the field of feature film, I love Wes Anderson for his originality and Alejandro González Iñárritu for the way he has to shake my feelings with her work. It always makes me cry!
You have worked extensively with director Jonas Åkerlund Swedish. How did you met them both?

I had the opportunity to prepare images for the editor of a dance film that Jonas has realized several years ago. Jonas loved and I finally complete the project myself. Then we worked together for three years. It's great!

You worked on clips for artists like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, or Duran Duran. What kind of music do you listen to personally?

I listen to everything, really. I grew up listening to mostly hip-hop and urban sounds. Then I had a longer-mail. Now everything depends on how I feel at the time.

Your news is the video for "Timebomb" by Kylie Minogue. Can you summarize the story in a nutshell?

It begins with Kylie in a studio setting Shooting "typical" making the end of the song. Then she left the studio and we follow in London through the eyes of different people in a nightclub, in a car, pursued in an alley and then riding a motorcycle. Around half of the video, the studio plans to interfere with the story and the video becomes a mixture of two phases.
Who wrote the screenplay for the clip?


How have you found about this project?

I was contacted by EMI, the record company of the singer. I had already worked with some artists of the house. So I wrote some ideas ...

What were your influences and references for the preparation of the clip?

I guess there are some references to clips of the 90s in this video. I really looked at the old clips of Kylie and I think that's why I've given much to see in a studio performance even if the idea was to film in the street. It is capable of incredible performance so I wanted to capture it indoors and I think it goes very well with the rest.

How many days required the filming?

We shot a whole day in London and then one day in the studio.

And how long did the post production?

There have been two weeks of editing and special effects.

What was the biggest difficulty encountered during filming?

Rain. I was stupid enough to write the idea at the time the sun radiated the city and we all thought would last the summer but during the filming, it was 8 degrees in the pouring rain. The rain suited the aesthetic of the video but it made things very difficult at the device level shooting, styling, hair, makeup ... A big 'thank you' to the team! I guess I have not lived long enough in London to learn how is the weather down there ...

How the extras were they chosen?

Our great casting director, Kharmel, has cast the most extras but some cast members were my friends Marcus and Andreas as we see in the car scene.

What was your aim during the hours of editing?

I wanted to create a montage that sticks to very rhythmic energy of the song. In addition, there is some speeding in the assembly that plays with the title of the song, " Timebomb "(" Time Bomb "). The quick edits are difficult to make and require great precision work for their rendering is fluid and not haphazard. I love how the clip combines narrative history with performance in the studio. It's like two videos were meeting just to make one. It was really fun to ride.

From an artistic point of view, why did you choose to merge color and black & white?

I'm a big fan of mixing between color and black & white. I can not really explain why but I know that it often works well.

Internet, the clip was over 2 million views in just three days and soon it will cross the threshold of 6 million. What do you feel?

It's great! I hope this will continue.

What do you remember about your work with Kylie Minogue?

This is one of the coolest people I met. Her energy and attitude have made the video. I thank her for being so involved in the project.
Thank you to Dine Delcroix and LIZ MAGAZINE for the exclusive! Photography by DR 
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Timebomb now has over 6.5 Million Views!
Congrats to Kylie and Christian :)

Timebomb will hit the Billboard Club Chart this week as the
and...Kylie confirms that the Timebomb Remixes are on the way:

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

The single is now at 56 in the UK, and it missed the Top 30. Had it been released on a Monday and with a CD single, I'm pretty sure she would have made the Top 20. Although I don't really love the song, I still would have liked it to do better. It is shame how badly this release has been handled (as well as Madonna's latest single releases!) Still, "Timebomb" was not really an "official" single anyways I suppose, and more of a gift to the fans....

"The Best Of" entered the UK album chart at #11. Considering how very unexiting that release is, it is a very good placing!

I am officially ready for the next phase - which hopefully includes the Anti-Tour DVD and the orchestral CD. Not to mention a new album next year! Bring it on Kylie!