WATCH HD & DL: Kylie Minogue's Diamond Jubilee Performance

Kylie’s performance at the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert on June 4th 2012 was a mix of some of her biggest hits.

The set-list:
Spinning Around
Can’t Get You Out Of My Head
Step Back In Time
All The Lovers

Kylie appeared on stage at around 9:15pm and her set lasted a little over 8 minutes. Kylie was joined on stage by a group of female dancers as well as male dance group Flawless.

ENJOY Kylie's Full Performance in HD:
Download HD Video:
Diamond Jubilee Medley HQ 320 kbps MP3:
BACKSTAGE: The Princess (Kylie of course) had the honor to introduce the other Artists to the Queen!:

Watch Pre-show "The One Show" Interview:
Download HD
#diamondjubilee practicing #TheRoyalWave :)
#diamondjubilee with Elton and Rolf!!!!- Kylie via twitter
Post Show!!!
Watch the final Act, Kylie and Gary Barlow lead the Royal Family:

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Very glad for you that Kylie's whole performance was shown on US TV!!! She was obviously the true star of the evening!

Marky Marc said...

I would call her the true Princess of the night. :) Very pleased at ABC's coverage of the event!

Unknown said...

I agree! I was so shocked her whole set was shown!! Loved every minute of it!

Jon said...

Loved Kylie's "Pearly Queen" outfit, and I thought her performance just shone! The vid of HM meeting the artists is hilarious - Cheryl Cole looks every bit the chav she really is; and what I wouldn't give to be privy to the conversation between Our Queen and Our Grace! Jx