Kylie and Terry Part Ways After 25 Years

Kylie has split with longtime manager Terry Blamey.

However British reports that the parting meant Minogue was retiring from music have been dismissed.

Blamey, who has managed Minogue's career since the release of Locomotion in 1987, officially ended his partnership with the star on New Year's Eve.

Sources say Minogue made the decision in September, with the pair working together amicably until the end of the celebrations of her 25th anniversary in music.

"Kylie has decided to pull back slightly from the pressures of her career and devote more time to herself and her acting career," Blamey said. "This is not to say she will be retiring from music, just taking a bit of a break."
Blamey will "pursue other exciting business opportunities and spend more time with my family. As we reach this fork in the road after a wonderful 25 years working together, we do so amicably, wishing each other nothing but the very best for each other's continued success."

Minogue renewed her love of acting with a critically-acclaimed role in last year's indie flick Holy Motors.

"I had no idea Holy Motors would do this for me," Minogue told News Limited in October. "It's made me a little bit hungry for more ..."

Minogue also had a small role in another cult film, Jack and Diane, out now on DVD/Blu-ray in the US and has been linked to British musical romcom Walking on Sunshine, which goes into production this year.

While the news marks an end of an era - and one of the longest-running and most successful partnerships in pop music - a spokeswoman for Minogue said she is "definitely not retiring from music."

Blamey received an an award for his management skills in London in November - Minogue gave a speech with read in part "You can only imagine how much we've been through together: The highs, lows and plateaus, the good the bad and the ugly. But throughout it all Terry's commitment, support and guidance has remained constant."

Minogue's spokeswoman also denied British media reports the split was provoked by a falling out between Blamey and Minogue's father Ron over the direction of the star's career.

By Cameron Adams

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Nikodemuss said...

Kylie seems to be cleaning out the Incorporated part of her business. I have a feeling she's finally changing guard to embrace a future full of new ideas & new options.

Marky Marc said...

Well said! I am excited and looking forward! New New New! :)

Bx said...

New Era marks New Beginning! Bx

Jon said...

Sad news for Terry. Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

This is unexpected, I must say. But then again, not many stars have the same manager for 25 years!

I just hope she won't be away for too long and that the new album will indeed come out this year!

Marky Marc said...

After K's latest tweet (updated above)...I have a feeling the album will continue as planned!

Marky Marc said...

yep. but Change is they say :)

Marky Marc said...


Jon said...

I don't. It's smacks of "management-consultancy-speak".

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" is my motto.


rey hernandez said...

What do you guys think Kylie's new album is going to sound like? Do you think she'll actually release it this year? (2013) and now after Aphrodite having such a beautiful Love Theme to the album where do you think she's going with her next theme??

I'm so excited i just want opinions lol

Angel Love said...

Sad to hear this, but I think it's going to be good. Perhaps she needs a fresh set of eyes to look out for her career now. I wont be disappointed if I dont hear new music from her until 2014. I would like to see her have big success in a film. Best of luck to them both. :)

Marky Marc said...

Check out this post from last november (Kylie: I Want My Next Album To Be "EmotoPOP"