Kylie In NYC: Happy Pride!

Our girl Kylie made a Surprise Appearance
 last night at NYC Pride!

The rumours became a reality as Kylie performed at the famous Pier 83 in New York City. Kylie appeared in a beautiful hot pink sequined Dolce & Gabanna dress with matching Louboutin heels! She spoke to the crowd briefly 'giving her support for equal marriage rights' before the DJ spun a couple of her tracks to get the party going. Kylie sang along to her new single, “Timebomb” as well as “All The Lovers” all the while making the crowd go crazy!  
She was "definitely heard everywhere along the Pier, all 24 boats, 12 helicopters, 4000 people and 68 skyscrapers on West Side. (They) felt the love for Kylie Minogue" -Iryna Kim.

WATCH: Kylie performing Timebomb at NYC Pride Pier 83 Day Party:WATCH: Kylie performing All The Lovers at NYC Pride Pier 83 Day Party:
WATCH: Kylie gives her support (again) for Equal Marriage Rights in USA!
Love is Love Is Love!

Kylie, once again gives love back to All her Lovers in the USA, 
We are so proud and honored!
A special thanks to @IrynaKIM, read more about the event and her special meeting with Kylie at Live Learn Shine On Blog!
Thanks to Corey Johnson and Kylie :) for the above photos!

WATCH: Kylie's Happy Pride Message to Boston!
Thank you for 'Shining On' with US!

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Jon said...

HAPPY PRIDE, me darlin'!!! Jx

Marky Marc said...

Thanks Sweetie! xoxoMM

B.25K said...

I think this might have to do with this months K25 surprise because on it sais that we have to tweet #kyliepride ?????

Marky Marc said...

we will see...only 10 hours to go! :)