Kylie's Anti Tour 2012: The Set List - The Videos

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"Magnetic Electric" (Bonus track from X)
"Made in Heaven" (B-side from Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi)
"Cherry Bomb" (B-side from Wow and In My Arms)
"B.P.M." (B-side from I Believe in You)
"Mighty Rivers" (Bonus track from Aphrodite)
"I'm Over Dreaming (Over You)" (Album track from Enjoy Yourself)
"Always Find the Time" (Album track from Rhythm of Love)
"You're the One"(Unreleased track from Impossible Princess)
"Tightrope" (Bonus track from Fever)
"Paper Dolls" (B-side from Spinning Around)
"Stars" (Album track from X)
"Drunk" (Album track from Impossible Princess)
"Say Hey" (Album track from Impossible Princess)
"Too Much" (Album track from Aphrodite)
"Bittersweet Goodbye" (Album track from Light Years)
"Disco Down" (Album track from Light Years)
"I Don't Need Anyone" (Album track from Impossible Princess)
"Got to Be Certain" (Single from Kylie)
"Things Can Only Get Better" (Album track from Rhythm of Love)
"That's Why They Write Love Songs" (Unreleased track from X)
"Tears on My Pillow" (Single from Enjoy Yourself)
"Enjoy Yourself" (Album track from Enjoy Yourself)


Thanks to John Burns for the Demo of "You're The One"

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John said...

Thanks for the youtube links :) Loving the show and i really wish i could have been their. Tightrope sounds amazing live, hope to see a full video of it soon.

Anonymous said...

Great post, thanks!