Kylie Minogue's K25 'Anti-Tour' Sells Out In 15 Minutes

Kylie Minogue has apologised to disappointed fans after tickets to her first`anti-tour' shows sold out in under 15 minutes on Wednesday.

The singer will play intimate shows at The Palace in Melbourne and Luna Park in Sydney this month to celebrate her 25th anniversary in the music industry.

With both venues only having a 2000-seat capacity, tickets were always destined to be gold dust.

Fans were restricted to buying two at a time to ease ticket scalping.

A statement on Minogue's website confirmed the shows have sold out and apologised to the fans who missed out.

"We are sorry to those fans who missed out on tickets and are very grateful for your patience and support," the statement read.

The `anti-tour' has been a long-time ambition of Minogue as a way of reconnecting with fans in a close setting after her recent arena tours.

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

No surprises there. She simply must make it up to all the fans who couldnt get tickets or cant go, and FILM IT!!!