Anti-Tour Vote

Looks like the good team at Warner Music Australia are giving fans the chance to express their finer feelings on Facebook as to which of Kylie's back catalogue you NEED to have included in the Anti-Tour setlist/tracklist.

There's plenty to choose from too - including tracks which have never seen the light of day.
Currently leading the poll is 'Cherry Bomb' - the b-side to Kylie's 2008 single 'Wow', but the 'Giving You Up' b-side 'Made Of Glass' isn't too far behind, with 'Flower', 'Disco Down', 'Lose Control' and 'Rippin Up The Disco' not too far behind.

We assume that the setlist for the upcoming 'Anti-Tour' concerts has long been locked away, so could this perhaps be a gauge as to which tracks we'd be interested in seeing on a rarities disc?

This is purely speculation, of course.

Click HERE to have your say (the word, I'll be there).
The Anti-Tour hits Melbourne this Sunday night, with the Sydney shows to follow on Tuesday.

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