WATCH OFFICIAL VIDEO: Kylie's Anti Tour - Melbourne

Kylie Minogue's first Anti-tour shows in Melbourne went off with a bang. Fans couldn’t believe their eyes and ears.


Opening night in Melbourne for the Anti Tour. Clips from Made In Heaven, Cherry Bomb, B.P.M., Always Find The Time and You're The One...

Check Out The Full Set List and Videos CLICK HERE!

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Teddi said...

I have seen the tracklist for the Anti - Tour and it is AMAZING. I can't believe she took You're the One, I just love this song. I so hope this will be filmed and released on DVD. I am super excited about this.

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

One word: AWESOME!!!! Go Kylie!!!! I love the tracklist, I love the photos and I will LOVE this DVD!!! Thanks for the fabulous coverage!

Marky Marc said...

Thanks guys! Loving it all! A show that was Made In Heaven! xoxoMM