Kylie Shines At Cosmo Ultimate Women Awards With Debbie Harry

We've got hair envy this morning. Kylie Minogue's been loving life as a brunette for a little while now, but her newly dyed tresses made their first big red carpet debut last night - at the Cosmo Ultimate Women Awards.

From what we'd seen, we weren't particularly convinced by her choice of new hue - she's an iconic blonde, after all - but after clocking these pictures of her glossy chocolate brown locks last night, we have most definitely been converted.

It's official: we love Kylie as a brunette!

The Aussie popstrel joined a whole host of other female stars at the annual awards ceremony in London last night, donning a sweet belted LBD and matching heels for the occasion.

Ms Minogue was given the honour of presenting the Cosmo Icon award to Debbie Harry during the evening.

Remember this Classic?...

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Jon said...

Fuck me! Debbie Harry is getting to look more like Carol Channing every day...


Teddi said...

It is probably not often that Kylie gets starstruck, but I am sure that was the case this time

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Kylie looks fab - but what the hell is Debbie wearing???