Kylie Goes Home: KM Air Arrives In Sydney

She may live most of her year in London, but Kylie Minogue will always call Australia home.
The 43-year-old pop star looked thrilled as she she arrived Down Under today.
She touched down at Sydney international airport looking ladylike in a sheer polka dot blouse and black pencil skirt.
She paired the sophisticated look with some modest black stilettos and oversized sunglasses.
Upon her arrival, the pint-sized star tweeted a picture of the Australian sky-line from the aeroplane. (aka KM Aire)
What a welcome sight...hello Australia!!! #feelsgoodtobehome

Kylie is reported to be guest starring on The Australian X-Factor's special grand final performance this week. She will then be inducted in the ARIA Hall of Fame the following week.
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Jon said...

Hope she sends a postcard! :-) Jx

(PS your new template is a bit wonky on my PC, on Windows XP/IE8)

Marky Marc said...

Yes I know...IE8 doesnt work well with the new template, try FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome.

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Cant wait to see her performances at the X-Factor! Do you know the date?

Marky Marc said...

Last night and again Tonight :)