Kylie Releases Aphrodite Les Folies [Live In London] In The USA


FACT: Kylie is amazing.
FACT: Her latest album Aphrodite is amazing, cheerful, modern, exciting and super pop.
FACT: Her Aphrodite - Les Folies Tour was probably the most stunningly beautiful, festive, hit-filled and thrilling show I've ever seen.

Let's see:

Now the wonderful 2-hour pop extravaganza is available for you to watch and listen to endlessly. Yup, the watery popfest was filmed in 2D and 3D in London when Kylie played the O2 no less than five times in April 2011. The DVD & Blu-ray formats come along with a 2-CD set comprising the whole show. As usual, Kylie and her team know how to please the fans with those recordings, probably the most beautiful concert film I've seen alongside Jonas Akerlund's film of Madonna's Confessions Tour. The cinematography does the extraordinary stage, costumes, choreographies and lighting justice in any possible way, placing the viewer right in the middle of the arena, in the air with the aerialists, in the central "splashzone" with the lucky (but wet) fans, and of course very close to Kylie herself.
With every number being a highlight in itself, it's hard to decide which moment is the most exciting one of the show. I'll have to go for the incredible Slow (easily one of my favorite songs of hers) starting as a jazzy take on the Body Language single and morphing into an electro monster while the stage revolves in the most amazing way, or the super-joyful "Angel" segment which sees Kylie fly over the audience and then perform a perfect cover of Eurythmix's There Must Be An Angel. The finale is of course one of the most breathtaking staging ever done by any touring artist, bringing Vegas, the Cirque du Soleil and top-notch technology together under the same arena roof. If the watery rendition of All The Lovers doesn't make you want to take your clothes off and dance suggestively in your bathroom, you're a lost cause!
My personal experience of Les Folies was and remains an absolute highlight of my all-time concert-going experience, and quite frankly, I even felt quite emotional at some points (the opening, The One, Slow, All The Lovers), caught in between the overall super-joyful feeling of witnessing such an impecable show, and the pride of watching a popstar I've loved for years being so genuinely generous and happy to perform for her fans. Les Folies Tour truly was a renewing of vows between a fantastic and too-often neglected performer and her loyal fans. A declaration of love you're now able to watch over and over. 
Thank you team Kylie!
thanks to itspop.blogspot

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...


I CANT WAIT TO FINALLY SEE THIS SHOW! I havent been this excite about a DVD concert since Madonna's "Sticky & Sweet"!