A Kylie Minogue Comic Book: Coming in February 2012

Pop princess Kylie Minogue will be immortalized in a special edition of Bluewater’s celebrity biography series Female Force. Bluewater, a full-service publishing and production company specializing in comic books, graphic novels and Multimedia, will release the comic in February of next year.

The comic’s description reads: “The diminutive singing sensation from Down Under’s story is told in Female Force: Kylie Minogue. Kylie’s colourful experiences are brought to life as we follow the star’s ups and downs. From capturing nation’s hearts in Neighbours to the life and love’s of a national treasure and her brave struggle with cancer. Published February 2012.”

The cover of the comic, created by French artist Fred Grivaud, features Kylie wearing her famous gold hot pants from the music video for “Spinning Around.” I was never into comics, but I may get a copy of this one just to have it.

Thanks to Allure Of Sound

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Jon said...

And next, "Kylie the animates series" on Nickelodeon! Jx