WATCH: Kylie On The Jonathan Ross Show

She is currently celebrating 25 years in the music industry so it is a good time for her to learn a new trade. Kylie Minogue was shown the ins and outs of a bow and arrow by none other than adventurer Bear Grylls, while the two were guests on the Jonathan Ross show. Bear taught the Australian singer to use the weapon while she took part in a game which had her and Jonathan eating maggots and crickets.
Fortunately for Kylie, the bow and arrow rather suited her as she took aim at a spinning target. Whilst on the show she also spoke about her world famous derriere after Jonathan asked some rather cheeky questions about it. When asked if they could discuss her bum, she joked: 'Let me just ask it, because it has it’s own PR team these days.'
She was at a loss to explain why or how her backside became such an attractive topic for the media. Kylie said: 'I don't know how it happened. Okay, so yes, I put them in gold hot pants, but really I don’t know.' Despite being an international sex symbol, Kylie has struggled in the past to settle down and find love.
She has been dating Spanish Model Andres Velencoso for the last four years and said: 'Sound the alarm, four years - I think it's a record.' After such a long time together Andres now knows exactly when to avoid his famous girlfriend, especially when she is in a bad mood. Kylie told Jonathan: 'Firstly he'll keep his distance, wise move, or he'll just make me laugh about something. He’s got a really good sense of humour'.
With an amazing career behind her, Kylie is still humbled by her achievements and is unable to pick her best moment. She said: 'Firstly getting a record deal, I was on Neighbours, as you know. The Locamotion being a hit, which led to so many other things. Maybe performing at the Olympics.'


WATCH Kylie performing for the first time from
 The Abbey Road Sessions, Never Too Late:

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