Kylie's Remastered PWL Albums To Be Released In Japan

According the EMI Japan, Kylie’s first four studio albums released between 1988-1991 during her time with PWL Records are to be remastered and released along with special bonus tracks (some previously unavailable on CD)!
 A release date of November 7th has been announced. For now this release is exclusive to Japan only. Hopefully the releases will also include other territories soon. 
Check out the full tracklisting for each album below!

1. I Should Be So Lucky
2. The Locomotion
3. Je Ne Sais Pas Porquoi
4. It’s No Secret
5. Got To Be Certain
6. Turn It Into Love
7. I Miss You
8. Look My Way
9. I’ll Still Be Loving You
10. Love At First Sight
11. Made In Heaven
12. Getting Closer (Extended OZ Mix)
13. I Should Be So Lucky (The Bicentennial Mix)
14. Got To Be Certain (Extended)
15. The Locomotion (The Kohaku Mix)
16. It’s No Secret (Extended)
17. Je Ne Sais Pas Porquoi (The Revolutionary Mix)
Enjoy Yourself

1. Hand On Your Heart
2. Wouldn’t Change A Thing
3. Never Too Late
4. Nothing To Lose
5. Tell Tale Signs
6. Secret Heart
7. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You)
8. Tears On My Pillow
9. Heaven and Earth
10. Enjoy Yourself
11. Just Wanna Love You
12. We Know The Meaning of Love
13. Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Mix)
14. Wouldn’t Change A Thing (Your Thang Mix)
15. Never Too Late (Extended)
16. I’m Over Dreaming (Over You) [Extended]
17. Tears On My Pillow (12″ Version)
Rhythm Of Love

1. Better The Devil You Know
2. Step Back In Time
3. What Do I Have To Do?
4. Secrets
5. Always Find The Time
6. The World Still Turns
7. Shocked
8. One Boy Girl
9. Things Can Only Get Better
10. Count The Days
11. Rhythm of Love
12. Better The Devil You Know (Dave Ford Remix)
13. Step Back In Time (Tony King Mix)
14. What Do I Have To Do? (Original 12″ Mix)
15. Shocked (DNA 12″ Mix)
16. One Boy Girl (Original 12″ Mix)
17. Always Find The Time (Original Mix)
Let’s Get To It

1. Word Is Out
2. Give Me Just A Little More Time
3. Too Much of a Good Thing
4. Finer Feelings
5. If You Were With Me Now
6. Let’s Get To It
7. Right Here, Right Now
8. Live and Learn
9. No World Without You
10. I Guess I Like It Like That
11. Do You Dare (NRG Edit)
12. Closer (Pleasure Mix)
13. Say The Word – I’ll Be There
14. Word Is Out (Summer Breeze 12″ Mix)
15. If You Were With Me Now (Extended)
16. Give Me Just A Little More Time (Extended)
17. Finer Feelings (Brothers in Rhythm 12″)
Thanks to Kane at Say Hey!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

How cool - about time these are re-mastered. Sadly, all these Japanese issues are always SO expensive. There have been recent re-issues of 10 Supremes albums and 10 of Diana's solo albums are also on they way. The approx price for all 20? Around $1000!!!

I hope the Kylie albums will also be released in the UK/US, although it seems that most of the time these are Japan-only exclusives (a lot of Donna Summer albums were released over there a few months ago, but it looks like they will only come out over there...)

Jon said...

Inscrutible! Jx

Richie Davies said...

Why does Kylie's biggest fan base (UK) always get the good stuff last?