DOWNLOAD: Kylie Minogue - K25 In The Mix

Our friend Heath over at
Let The DJ Shake You has created an AMAZING 80 minute non-stop continuous mix
of Kylie Minogue's fan-favorite Dance Mixes! A must have for your K25 Celebration!
He says: In honour of #K25 (Kylie Minogue's 25th anniversary as a recording artist) I thought it'd be fun to do a mixshow based on fan favourites of Kylie's career. Thanks to the fans over at SayHey, every Kylie single was voted upon and the results were tallied and this mixshow is the result of those numbers. Presented in reverse order are the fans' top Kylie tracks. A few tracks ("Give Me Just A little More Time, "Especially For You" and "Put Yourself In My Place") just did not work for this sort of mix and were therefore omitted.

Here is the results of your choices: K25 In The Mix!


Butterfly (Sandstorm Vocal Mix)
GBI (German Bold Italic) (with Towa Tei) (The Sharp Boys Deee-Liteful Club)
Higher (with Taio Cruz) (Wideboys Club Mix)
Celebration (AKA Good Times Mix)
All I See (Mark Picchiotti Funk Vocal)
It's No Secret (Alternate Extended Version)
Never Too Late (Extended Version/Oz Tour Mix)
Word Is Out (Summer Breeze 12" Mix)
Please Stay (Metro Mix)
Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) (Bimbo Jones Remix)
Kids (with Robbie Williams) (HDC VS 7th Heaven Clean Club Edit)
Better Than Today (StarLab Club Mix)
If You Were With Me Now (HDC MattPop Club Rework)
What Kind Of Fool (Heard All That Before) (No Tech No Logical Mix)
Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi (The Revolutionary Mix)
Cowboy Style (Steve Anderson Studio Version)
Wouldn't Change A Thing (Your Thang Mix)
Turn It Into Love (HDC Classic PWL 12" Mix)
Wow (Sunshine Club Mix)
Giving You Up (Ritron Re-Rub Vox Mix)
2 Hearts (Mark Jason' Cardiac Arrest Mix)
Did It Again (Trouser Enthusiasts' Goddess Of Contortion Mix)
The Loco-Motion (Alternative Sankie Mix)
Red Blooded Woman (Narcotic Thrust Mix)
Come Into My World (Jaochin Garraud Extended Mix)
Your Disco Needs You (Almighty Mix)
Got To Be Certain (The Extra Beat Boys Remix)
Some Kind Of Bliss (Quivver Mix)
Where Is The Feeling? (Brothers In Rhythm Soundtrack)
Step Back In Time (Walkin' Rhythm Mix)
Hand On Your Heart (The Great Aorta Mix)
Chocolate (Emo mix)
Shocked (DNA 12" Mix)
In Your Eyes (Saeed and Palesh Main Mix)
Finer Feelings (Project K Remix)
The One (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix)
Breathe (HDC TNT Rework Club Mix)
Timebomb (Steve Redant & Phil Romano Club Mix)
In My Arms (Steve Pitron and Max Sanna Remix)
Get Outta My Way (7th Heaven Club Mix)
Spinning Around (7th District Club Mix)
On A Night Like This (Motiv8 Nocturnal Vocal Mix)
I Believe In You (Club Junkies Mix)
What Do I Have To Do (Pumpin' Mix)
Slow (Max Graham's Third Street Mix)
Love At First Sight (Twin Master Plan Mix)
Better The Devil You Know (Movers & Shakers 12" Mix)
Can't Get You Out Of My Head (K&M Mindprint Mix)
All The Lovers (WaWa & MMB Anthem Mix)
Confide In Me (Tomer G. Club Remake)

This mix is presented as one continuous .mps file (183 MB).

Happy K25 to all the lovers out there!! xx
ShineOnAndOn sends a very special THANK YOU to @HeathCastor! We love every second! Well Done.
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