WATCH & DOWNLOAD: Kylie Minogue - The Abbey Road Sessions : Behind The Scenes

With less than two weeks to go before the release of The Abbey Road Sessions (out November 6th in the US), Kylie Minogue has released a behind-the-scenes clip where she discusses the upcoming album. And it turns out the collection of re-tooled, orchestral versions of her past recordings had a been a dream project of hers for quite some time — though it proved to be a daunting dream to bring to realization.

“That was the hard part, which songs to do,” Minogue admits. “So we did a stack. And because some of them are quite radical interpretations of the song compared to how they are originally, some were less successful than others and I guess you just do a bunch, and you’ve got your shining stars and the ones that really, really work… even as we were recording we were still experimenting.”

Catch snippets of the new renditions of “I Should Be So Lucky,” “Come Into My World” and “All The Lovers”.


Thanks to Idolator. Thanks to Matt for the DL link!

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jwk said...

looks like she made some videos to go with the songs...why no dvd with the cd? any word on an anti tour dvd?

Marky Marc said...

nope :( ...but still hopeful for an Anti-Tour dvd, and it would be a shame not to release the full videos from the Abbey Road Sessions also!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

The videos look amazing - hopefully they will be released in some form.