Kylie: Cancer diagnosis still affects me but I've had to adapt to it

EXCLUSIVE: Breast cancer survivor Kylie Minogue admits she is lucky to be alive but still has to ‘adapt’ to daily life. 
(from MetroUK)
Speaking to Guilty Pleasures before she releases her record, The Abbey Road Sessions, the pop princess harked back to her cancer diagnosis in 2005.

‘I’m fortunate I’m here to tell the story,’ she told me. ‘Everyone’s story is different. It depends what the cancer was, how it affected you, the treatment you had. There are so many variables but for a lot of people, myself included, it’s not like it happened, it was dealt with and it stops.

‘I have reminders of it every day so it definitely affects my life in a small part, so you just have to adapt and do things slightly differently... just deal with it and move on.’

The pop princess also explained how she coped with life as a young sex symbol. She said she’s always held her own, even as a young doe-eyed Neighbours star shipped over to our shores.

‘I don’t know if I would have been treated any differently if I was a boy or a girl,’ she said. ‘I was just young. I did what I was told. I eventually rebelled against that. I never felt I suffered. Hopefully, I celebrated being a girl.’

On the new record, she reworks her hits with an orchestra and big band. It’s a balancing act between keeping her long-term fans happy and winning new ones.

‘I love that they are open to hearing different things from me,’ she said.

‘I think they expect it now. Maybe the first time I did something a bit off the tracks was a ‘‘scandal’’ but now I think they expect it. It’s great for me. I get to get my rocks off in all sorts of ways.’

She admitted she felt ‘intimidated’ by the Abbey Road studios, made famous by The Beatles, and was worried the place would have ‘attitude’. But she said the recording experiment ‘could not have been nicer’.

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