Kylie To Do A Duet With Madonna? K25 RUMOUR!

When we officially entered into 2012 we also entered into the year of K25 and although we are already expecting an Orchestral Album and we know that there are plans for a Kylie Theater show and a big ITV special celebrating her career the rumor is that Kylie is going to be doing some duets with; Dannii, Nick Cave, Jason Donovan and Madonna of course these duets are just rumors at the moment but we are keeping our fingers crossed that they are going to happen.
You can read the original story here:

UPDATE 1|3|12 The Hearld Sun publishes the story: Madonna ready to get into the groove with Kylie Minogue

AUSTRALIAN pop princess Kylie Minogue and queen of pop Madonna will sing together for the first time to mark Kylie's 25th anniversary in music.

TV bosses at British station ITV plan a star-studded special to commemorate the I Should Be So Lucky singer's career, with a spectacular finale bringing together the two songbirds, according to British newspaper the Daily Mirror.

Madonna and Kylie's musical paths have never crossed.

Madonna has sung with Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell and Justin Timberlake, while Kylie has collaborated with Robbie Williams, Nick Cave and former Neighbours beau Jason Donovan.

Madonna and Kylie are fans of the other's work. Kylie has cited Madonna as an influence on her music, and both have been seen wearing T-shirts featuring the other's name.

Producers are also said to be considering a duet with Minogue's younger sister Dannii as well as with Cave, Williams and Donovan for the show.

Kylie has said she wants to do an "anti-tour" for her fans in her 25th year, playing small venues with acoustic versions of her most famous hits.

by Kate McMahon

UPDATE 1/3/12 Kylie tweeted it IS just a rumour as we expected...



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Jon said...

It could indeed be a very interesting year!

Happy 2012!


Marky Marc said...

Thanks Jon! Happy 2012 back at ya! Could this finally be the year of K and M coming together at last? OMG! My body fills with magical endorphins :D ♥

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

While I do take this with a massive grain of salt (this is the Daily Mirror after all!), I still think it would be AMAZING if they finally did something together!!!

Happy new year sweetie - I look forward to the new one and everything it will bring (including the massive K25!!!). Shine On!