WATCH: Kylie Minogue - K25 Video Montage Tribute (Bolero)

"OK, as it's #K25, I'll be uploading some (crazy) pics. #blastfromthepast ...this one's gotta be 87 or 88..who knows?" -Kylie

WATCH: K25 Video Montage (Bolero)

Well, K-25 is in full gear and causing a FEVER all over the world. The Kylie/Madonna Duet rumour was everywhere! In case you haven't heard...Kylie confirmed on twitter "it's just a rumour, but of course it would be amazing!! maybe one day:)"  Now we are seeing fantastic fan made tribute videos poping up all over YouTube. Here is one we really love. Please Enjoy this video montage for K25! Starts off with some of Kylie's achievements and quotes from people about her and moves on to her videos and then live performances. The song is Bolero from the movie "Moulin Rouge". By KM fan, the Minogue.

Here's to Another 25 years!

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Jon said...

That's a rather fabulous tribute video, indeed! Loved it...


Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Here´s to at least 50 more years of the princess of pop!!!