WATCH: 25 Years Of The History Of Pop In 17 Minutes

A few facts :

- 2012 marks the 25th year of Kylie in the music business. Expect lots of cool things to happen (the first one being an orchestral best-of album).

- Kylie's music career is probably one of the most iconic and interesting in modern pop. Ups, downs, ambitious indie moments, unforgettable performances and videos, and of course countless hits.

- made a 17-minute montage of all Kylie videos. Better than reading a book about how pop evolved in the last 25 years.

- Indie Kylie (1994/98) really was something, wasn't it?

- Thank you Kylie Minogue for being such an tireless defender of good pop.

Now if you will, let's STEP BACK IN TIME.

Thanks to It's Pop and

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Jon said...

How fabulous! It makes me feel old, yet young at the same time... Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

One of the most faboulous pop careers of all time for sure!