WATCH: Madonna's Interviews With ABC News & Graham Norton Show

Finally! After weeks of teasing, it’s here: The Madonna ABC News interview with Cynthia McFadden!

The first installment came with last night’s Dateline. The Queen looked ravishing and regal of course, seated in her fancy-schmancy living room (with a decorative pug pillow resting in the background–truly iconic) as she fielded questions from the ABC News anchor.

Aside from discussing her new film W.E., the bulk of the conversation was focused around the Queen’s personal life: Her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, her proclivity toward younger men in general, her life as a mother (I do always love a good Lourdes tale!), etc. Don’t get me wrong–I love hearing the juicy details and all–but I’d much prefer hearing about the recording process behind M.D.N.A. than how often Brahim rubs her feet.

In the last few moments however, McFadden finally probed about her next move musically: The Superbowl performance in February. “What’s more frightening: Having your movie open or performing live at the Superbowl?” “The Superbowl, for sure,” Madonna responded. And while Madge didn’t reveal any solid details about the performance (did anyone actually think she would?), she did deliver a goosebumps-inducing little quote:

I have 8 minutes to set up my stage, 12 minutes to put on the greatest show on Earth.

She also joked about the ideas that wouldn’t work, including dropping 100 drummers from the ceiling. Clearly, she’s thinking big.

And there you have it! God, it’s so refreshing to hear her speaking again. So well-spoken, poised and honest.

Thanks to Bradley Stern at MuuMuse
It felt…reductive.
WATCH: The Graham Norton Show (With Madonna)
The irrepressible host is joined by Madonna, who reflects on her life and career in the entertainment industry, discusses directing new romantic drama WE and her new album, MDNA. Two of the movie's stars, James D'Arcy and Andrea Riseborough, also drop in to talk about their roles.

Original UK BBC broadcast: Friday, 13th January 2012.

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Downloading as I write this - very much looking forward to this interview! Still waiting for the final part, I´ll watch them all together. The Superbowl will be MASSIVE!

Thanks for the fab post :)