Steve Anderson Interview

A Fantastic Interview with Kylie Minogue's Musical Director, Mr. Steve Anderson

How did you first end up working for Kylie?
The first thing I ever did was a remix of ‘Step Back In Time’ for a DMC mix compilation which led onto Brothers In Rhythm remixing ‘Finer Feelings’. When she signed to deConstruction David and I knew the people that ran it so we literally called and asked if we could work with her , they said yes and here I am 17 years later still working with her – luckiest man in the world!

What do you think is the secret to her longevity? A soap-star-turned-popstar would normally be lucky (lucky…lucky) to last two albums, let alone the 11 we’ve been treated to so far.
True professionalism alongside massive likability, genuine warmth and empathy with her audience, plus really smart choices and not being afraid to take a risk once in a while.

Tricky question for you now – which is your favourite album, single and album track by her?
Favourite album Light Years. Favourite single – ‘Wow’. Favourite album track – ‘No More Rain’

Do you see Kylie slowing down anytime soon? And do you know anything about any possible musical direction she might explore next? We know she was keen at one point do an orchestral or acoustic album of her hits, or possibly a Blossom Dearie cover project.

I think both of those things will happen. We had such an incredible response to the Live Lounge and Radio 2 shows last year and people really get to hear how great her voice is in that environment. As with everything Kylie it’s all about timing and when the right time comes along I guarantee she will be sat in front of gorgeous orchestra just singing songs she loves whether they be hers or by other artists. Also we have plans for the Blossom Dearie project as a separate thing but really excited about it.


Asides from the projects mentioned, are there any other things in the pipeline that you’re allowed to tell us about?
We are working on the Kylie musical. It takes a long time to get all the pieces in place but it’s really beginning to take shape.

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