Kylie Brings 'Aphrodite' Home to Oz

Spectacular set ready for Australian tour

A STAGE worth $10 million, $750,000 worth of props, a million diamante crystals, 1000 feathers and a five-foot tall pop princess called Kylie Minogue.
That is what 20,000 concert-goers can expect when Kylie opens her Aphrodite: Les Folies tour for its first Australian show in Brisbane on Friday night.
The spectacular set will play host to the Aphrodite herself along with her band, 10 dancers and eight aerialists who will entertain the crowd for more than two hours in one of the most highly anticipated concerts this year.

But the secret behind the stunning performance could be a humble cup of tea.
Standing in the empty entertainment centre (except for a few representatives from the media) Kylie reflected on what it would be like to deliver the performance for the first time on home soil, the first time she has performed in Brisbane for five years.

"It's hard to imagine what it will be like when there are people in the seats," she said.
"I feed off the audience, we both come in with the best energy we can muster."
Asked on radio for her performance secrets - does adrenaline or the crowd help? - she agreed: "Yeah that helps. Or just good old fashioned coffee. Or a strong green tea. I’ve become slightly addicted to green tea, it’s like ceremonial green tea is so nice."
Despite loving her trips home, Kylie said she had no immediate plans to make Australia her permanent base.

"If it had to choose to be the other side of the world and that was it, I don't know if I could do that," she said.

"My life is on both sides of the world, travel is the way it is at the moment."
After flying into Brisbane yesterday, Kylie took some time out of her busy schedule to check out the dining scene but said she wouldn't have too much time for sight seeing with two rehearsals tomorrow in the lead-up to Friday night's show.

But it won't be all work for the 43-year-old.

"I am going to keep the restaurant industry going for a few days," she said.
The Aphrodite: Les Folies tour has been making its way around the world with stops in Europe, Asia, the US and South America before having a month-long jaunt in Australia and Kylie admitted she was a little nervous about the first performance here.

"I get very excited, a little more nervous (about performing at home)," she said.
"Those two things I try and make them work in my favour to make a good show."

The show opens in Brisbane on Friday night at the 
Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Article by Nathanael Cooper

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