Aphrodite Les Folies to be Broadcast in the UK

Prepare yourself for the most spectacularly theatrical pop concert of the year.

Everyone's favourite Aussie pop songstress Kylie Minogue is bringing her Aphrodite Les Folies tour to Sky1 HD and Sky 3D.

Recorded at London's O2 Arena in April 2011, Aphrodite Les Folies is a spectacle to behold. Featuring performances of tracks from the star's latest album, Aphrodite, including Get Outta My Way, Closer and Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love), as well as classic anthems such as Can’t Get You Out Of My Head, On a Night Like This and Better The Devil You Know, this live concert sees Minogue at her best.

Created by Kylie and long-time creative collaborator William Baker, the show is inspired by Greek mythology, and features a troupe of sexy dancers, costumes by Dolce & Gabbana and the most technically advanced and complex stage ever created for an arena.

From Kylie perched on the back of a Pegasus, riding a chariot pulled by saucy centurions and soaring over the crowd on a bear-chested angel, Aphrodite Les Folies is a feast for the eyes from start to a very-wet finish. In a spectacular All The Lovers finale, high-wire acrobatics combine with water elements, designed by the engineering team behind the Bellagio's famous fountain show in Las Vegas and the World of Colour show at Disneyland, California, to create an unforgettable climax to an unmissable treat for Kylie fans and pop-lovers alike.

Aphrodite Les Folies has taken Kylie across Europe to the UK, Asia, the Far East, North America, Mexico and South Africa, before she takes the tour home to Australia this summer. The Telegraph said: "Any misgivings of Kylie's recent work wilted in the furnace-blast theatricality of this show." While in the US, Perez Hilton said: "Kylie will make your life better...The Aphrodite show is non-stop brilliance from beginning to end. The production value is through the roof. The pacing is on-point."

Kylie Live In 2011: Aphrodite Les Folies Sunday 19 June on Sky 1 HD at 7pm, also simulcast on 
Sky 3D.

For those of us outside of the UK...

www.Super-Sportz.net are pround to announce that a Live Stream of the Sky1HD Broadcast will be shown on the site.

As it is a live stream it will go out at the same time as the UK Broadcast in great HQ.

For those of you who joined us for X2008 and the Live In New York Screening, You know what to expect!!
So from where ever you are in the world you can come and join us, and chat about our Idol and the show!

Thanks to Garthy!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

AMAZING! Hopefully the DVD will follow soon after!

Jon said...

Fantastic news! (For those half-a-dozen people who own a 3D telly and subscribe to Sky, of course...). Jx