Kylie's 'Put Your Hands Up' Debuts at #6 on US Sales Chart!

Another HIT for Kylie Stateside!

Now, this chart has changed over the years. It use to be a "CD Singles" only Sales Chart which became obsolete when the Digital Chart was introduced years ago.

Nielsen has re-introduced the Single Sales Chart to track both digital EPs and Physical CD Singles that don't fall into the single digital track download chart (The Digital Chart).

Since PYHU was issued as an EP, it doesn't qualify for the Digital Chart, and with no radio play, it would be hard for it to chart on the Hot 100 (Billboard's combined digital sales with radio play). If Americans had of downloaded just the single track PYHU alone, it would qualify for the Digital Chart and the Hot 100.

I'm glad that at least, EPs can now chart, as they wouldn't qualify for the Album chart, either.

Congrats to Kylie for having the 6th top selling EP in the US last week!

Oh, and the GOMW EP re-entered this chart at #81. It debuted at #7 last year - so PYHU sales were better than GOMW!

Thanks to AJP!

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Scott Harrah said...

It's a gorgeous remix. Lush and very vintage SAW. So happy Kylie's making it at last in America. Village Voice in NY did a whole article on Hammond, Stock Aitken Waterman and Kylie. Let's all make this song Number One! Go, Kylie, Go!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Wow, I did not expect this. Kylie obviously now has quite the fanbase in the US! But again, cheers to Australia for doing it right and releasing an actual CD single (after the charting at #93 in the UK, Parlaphone hopefully release that Kylie does need the extra push of physical formats! This is Kylies lowest charting solo single ever in the UK - the previous was of course The One, which just happens to be her only other single not released on physical formats!