FIRST PICS: Kylie Minogue Confirms "Into The Blue" Music Video Shoot!

Kylie Minogue shows off endless pins and incredible figure in see-through top on set of her new music video!
Kylie was reportedly filming the accompanying video for "Into The Blue" - the lead single from the star’s upcoming 12th studio album scheduled for release this year.
Kylie herself confirmed the video shoot for her new single via twitter with instagram photo below:
Official Confirmation from as well...
and YES there will be dancing in the video...Check out this tweet from ZooNation Dance Company...
Here is part of an interview Kylie did with 

Pharrell has worked with you on your new album. What was the most surprising him about working with him?
Well he's a very stylish man and he has this yellow diamond ring that I had to stop and tell him how amazing that was. I think with Pharrell, he could just wear anything. He could take the most uncool stuff and make it work.

What is the track on that album that's going to dominate our summer?

I can't tell you, my management would kill me! But I hope it's not one, I hope it's a couple. It's weird when you spend so long doing something you get kind of snow blinded. I love every song I've done in a certain way. There's one coming very soon and a second one coming around summertime. I'd like to be part of the summer soundtrack.

UPDATE 1/11/2014 from Kylie: 
Stay Tuned for more updates!
source:, t-kay and kylie

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Jon said...

I am intrigued. Not just by the slightly tarty look, but also where in London this was being filmed... Jx

John Souri said...

Gorgeous! I'm so excited! Rumoured release date is the 20th of this month - I pray it's true.

Marky Marc said...

Excited BEYOND! :) I heard that too...Fingers crossed!

AnthonyBugge said...

Sex kylie back at her best #epic

Angel Love said...

Thank God for Kylie!!!

Marky Marc said...


Teddi said...

I am very intrigued to hear Into the Blue. Let's just hope its a good one. She looks stunning as always!!

Jamie Mckenna said...

i didn't realise that Kylie has confirmed the new singles name yet? thought "Into the blue" was a teaser? has it been confirmed? soooooooooooooooo can't wait to hear the new material. Been a BIG Kylie fan since Neighbours (Yes i'm that old!)