Kylie Minogue "Kiss Me Once": The Album Tracklist

Earlier today, the tracklist for the Kylie Minogue’s twelfth studio album — due out on March 17 (UK) , March 18 (US) — found its way onto iTunes (Thailand)!
The tracklisting for the very SEXY 
"Kiss Me Once" Special Edition is as follows:

Into The Blue
Million Miles
I Was Gonna Cancel
Sexy Love
Feels So Good
If Only
Les Sex
Kiss Me Once
Beautiful (with Enrique Iglesias)
Mr President (Bonus Track)
Sleeping With The Enemy (Bonus Track)
Into The Blue (Video)
Into The Blue (Making the video)
Into The Blue (Trailer)
Behind the scenes of the Kiss Me Once photoshoot
Kylie on Kiss Me Once
Kylie's new album has reportedly been executive produced by the Australian hitmaker Sia, who is now the go-to songwriter for major American pop stars including Beyonce and Britney Spears.

Kylie is Back!!!
Thanks to Kane at say hey & Kylie Universe!

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John Souri said...

SO excited! But I'm wondering, where is Brooke Candy's feature? From what I read, the song they did was Get It Up Ya - did they change the name of the song or did they take it of the tracklist? :O

Jon said...

Blimey - Our Princess is a bit horny isn't she? Three songs with Sex in the title on one album... Jx

Oscarzoroaster said...

^ She's also Sleeping With the Enemy, which apparently Feels So Good. And its not as though anyone specified what the 'Blue' was that she's going into.

Nate said...

Ooh, my birthday! This is gona be the best birthday present ever!!!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Very, very excited! Seems that we will get a CD+DVD release - hurrah!!!