FIRST LOOK: Kylie Minogue's "Into The Blue" Single Artwork!

The ever ravishing Miss Kylie Minogue is returning to our needy discos in mere weeks with “Into The Blue,” her glorious, empowering return to a dance floor.

Above is the newly unveiled single artwork — at least, if Amazon Italy and is to be believed.

Delivering a dramatic over-the-shoulder glance, Queen Kylie is serving vintage pin-up glamour in a nautical fish net dress — and oh, what a bountiful catch it is.
Once a goddess, always a goddess.
thanks to MuuMuse!

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Jon said...

Showing off her most famous asset! Great photo... Jx

Angel Love said...

that's iconic already!

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Love, love, LOVE the cover!!! There better be a CD single and this would look amazing as a 12" cover!