Kylie Minogue's New Single, Titled "Into The Blue," Is On The Way

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Somehow, it’s been nearly four years since the release of Kylie Minogue‘s last studio album, Aphrodite. Sure, there’s been a flurry of activity from the Aussie icon since then — a world tour; a greatest hits package; one-off singles “Timebomb” and “Skirt”; the orchestral Abbey Road Sessions album; the announcement of a management deal with Roc Nation (is that still a thing?) — but what we’ve all really been craving is a full-on set of brand new jams from the pop goddess.

Thankfully, 2014 promises to bring some eagerly-awaited light at the end of that particular tunnel. PopJustice recently began convulsing, gyrating and screaming joyously over a promising French interview wherein Minogue stated (via Google Translate, mind you), “I multiplied experiments to try several things, while remaining faithful to my DNA, which could define myself as a singer of ‘dance pop moving and joyful’.”

The main takeaway from the chat is that she’s chosen a single to be released sometime soon.

More from the whole translated French affair on the single:

“Let’s say it is a mix between that part avant-garde had ‘Slow’ or, at least, really different from the pop then this classic side found in the ‘Love At First Sight’ and its modern, contemporary, ‘[Can't] Get You Out of My Head’ … We pray for a new ‘Can’t Get’! … Yes, I think it is really a ‘Kylie song’ whatever the definition given to it. This song fits this range is mine. Because I am a performer, I do not like being locked into a single job.”

“Slow,” “Love At First Sight,” “CGYOOMH”…wonderful reference points from Kylie’s highly fruitful early ’00s period, one and all. But Minogue went a step further on New Year’s Eve by tweeting the following:

Oh my. Whatever the “Blue” in question is, be in the single’s title or the upcoming album itself, we’re more than ready to get into it, Kylie.
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