Kylie Minogue's New Years Message #Into The Blue!

The most EXCITING year of Kylie Minogue is Here!
With a couple of tweets, Kylie Minogue kicked off the new #KM2014 era with a BANG!
The Goddess of Pop tweeted...

"I'm making so many New Year's Resolutions…….but in the meantime….
Happy New Year #Lovers....I wish u all the best & can't wait to share new music w u in #KM2014  #IntoTheBlue"
Later Kylie also posted a similar message on Facebook (With the same pic above)...
"Happy New Year! I wish you much love and happiness and can't wait to share new music with you in 2014. #IntoTheBlue"

OMG! Is "Into The Blue" the title of Kylie's new single? or the title of her new album? 
The rumors are spinning...with some saying 
it is the first single and Kelly Sheehan is one of the writers of the song, with a release date mid January. Kylie is going to shoot the video this week, on January 4th.
According to Huffington Post, the new single will reportedly get its first radio play on January 20th ahead of her 12th studio album, due in mid March. We also here that "Into the Blue" is about 4 minutes long and the remixes are being commissioned. 

 Update 1/7/2014...Finally OFFICIAL confirmation from, it’s true! Kylie was filming the video for her first single, Into The Blue! :)

Happy KM2014 Everyone!

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I like the title! Happy new Kylie year :)

Marky Marc said...

I do too! Happy New Year of K Y L I E! ♥

DenX said...

So excited! Happy New Kylie Year!