Kylie Arrives In Ukraine For 'X Factor'

Kylie Minogue has arrived in the Ukraine for an 'X Factor' performance tomorrow night. According to rumors, Kylie will sing four songs: All The Lovers, Can't Get You Out Of My Head, In Your Eyes and I Should Be So Lucky. Check out the commercial is being shown on Ukrainian television...

Kylie was greeted at the airport with hydrangeas (by the same journalist who presented hydrangeas to Madonna) and goat milk...

The NicestSweetest & Classiest Pop Star in the World!


Stay tuned.

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Jon said...

I bet she sent the hydrangeas to Madonna... Jx

Teddi said...

She is so sweet and kind, love her

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Why, I obviously prefer Madonna's reaction to those dreadful flowers ;)

That said: how fabulous to get new TV performances from the princess - it has been a while! Cant wait to see them! As always, thanks for the heads up sweetie and have a fab weekend :)