Kylie Takes A Walk On The Dark Side

Kylie Minogue takes a walk on the dark side with new brunette look...

following younger sister Dani's lead in trying life as a brunette.

The elder Minogue showed off her new locks when she rocked up to the Yves Saint Laurent Ready to Wear show during Paris Fashion Week yesterday.

The radiant singer has been based in the French capital for several weeks shooting indie flick Holy Motors opposite Juliette Binoche.

We love a radical style transformation, and it doesn’t get much more drastic than going from blonde to brunette. We’ve seen Kylie with dark hair before, but she’s been blonde for an age so we were still a little taken aback by her new look.

The singer swept back her newly dyed locks and stepped out in minimal make-up and a dressed-down outfit. We actually like the new look – her face looks really fresh and glowing.

What do you think about Kylie’s new hair?

Minogue was also chuffed to discover she is to receive honorary doctorate in health sciences from a British university for her work in promoting breast cancer awareness.

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Jon said...

Hmmmmm... Not too sure about the new "fade into the background" Kylie look. We want our princesses to be Princesses! Jx

Alex said...

It's not a bad look, but I feel it makes her look too pale. Her skin looks more golden when she's a blonde, or even dirty blonde.

Teddi said...

I like it, but as often happens when people dye their hair in such a dark color, they appear to be very white and pale. This is the case with Kylie.

Marky Marc said...

Kylie just tweeted..."was brunette for a job...might not last"