Happy Birthday Dannii!

The ShineOnAndOn Blog wishes Dannii Minogue a very happy 40th birthday today!

Can’t believe it, we must all be getting old!
We’re a little sad that new music doesn’t seem to be in her future any time soon, but I guess we’ll just have to take comfort in the epic Neon Nights that apparently will never get old.

  hip, hip, hooray!!!!!

Thanks to Jon at Dolores Delargo Towers for the reminder!


File:DanniiMinogue ClubDisco.jpg



Thanks to Barbarellas Galaxy for the complete Dannii Anthology!

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Jon said...

Happy Birthday, indeed!! Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Great tribute! And BTW: she HAS apperantly been working on some new music. I LOVED her latest ("Club Disco"), so hopefully she will release some more new music in the future!

Marky Marc said...

*Fingers crossed* for new music! YAY! :)