WATCH: Kylie's "25 Years Of The Locomotion"

Here it is...Kylie's "Tweet to Unlock" July surprise!
The Locomotion celebrates it's 25th year this week, So We've put together a very special K25 July surprise for you! - Kylie

Includes a preview of The new 2012 version of Locomotion that is from 
The Abbey Road Sessions album! 
Coming soon!!!
By tweeting #KylieLocomotion 10,000 times fans unlocked the special “Locomotion 2012” video and once again got that hastag trending WORLDWIDE on twitter! Only half an hour in and Kylie Tweeted to say that the countdown timer had crashed, After 35 mins or so...the video was unlocked!
Once again...Thank You, Kylie!
Congrats on 25 years of The Locomotion ♥

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Jon said...

I can't imagine that Carole King, nor indeed Little Eva, could have imagined just how many interpretations this song could have - in the hands of our Princess Kylie, I suppose anything is possible! Jx

Marky Marc said...

Are you starting to get excited for this years Proms In the Park? Sept is just around the corner...Bet she will sing the new 2012 version...Lucky boy you! Cheers. xoxoMM

Jon said...

Knowing how the Proms in the Park works (they sneak in "guest stars" at the drop of a hat), and knowing her duet with Jase never happened a few weeks ago because of the rain, I wouldn't be at all surprised if we didn't get "Especially for You" as well... Excited? Of course I'm excited! Jx

Marky Marc said...

OMG! THAT would be FANTASTIC! :)