WATCH: Kylie Minogue Says She Is "More Inspired Than Ever"

Kylie Minogue has revealed that she feels more inspired now than she has ever been in her life.
The Aussie star has been celebrating 25 years in the music industry and recently released a greatest hits album.

Minogue told VEVO that looking through her back catalogue for the album made her realise how lucky she is to still be making music, adding that she feels truly inspired. She said:

"It wasn't the easiest thing to choose the songs that would make it onto the best hits album. I can't believe I'm in a situation where I've got more than enough. It has meant that I've had to look back a lot at old pictures, listening to old songs. It blows my mind that I am still doing what I do, and I still love what I do. In fact, I'm probably more inspired than ever."

Minogue also opened up about the video for her recent single 'Timebomb', revealing that she found herself quite shy wearing a skimpy dress in front of people. She said:

"When we were shooting down the busiest street in Soho I must have looked like a complete idiot strutting down the street singing to absolutely nothing! I wore a very cheeky little outfit. People don't believe it but I do get very shy and timid. I was like...Oh God, please can't there be more to this."

Watch Kylie speak to VEVO below:

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