Aphrodite Live: Kylie Minogue Returns to the City of Angels!

Tonight is the Night to Shine!
Los Angeles, are you ready for your Aphrodite?
"Hey Kylie, We have spruced up the Hollywood sign especially for you..."

Kylie Minogue - The pop star that gives love back - is performing TONIGHT at the Historic Hollywood Bowl! This will be Kylie's second appearance at the world famous outdoor venue. Kylie made her debut at the bowl on October 4th 2009 with her Kylie USA 2009 "For You, For Me" tour. The showgirl returns tonight with Aphrodite Live ”a jaw-dropping Euro-pop spectacular that has to be seen to be believed” this is going to be one of Kylie’s career highlights and a thrill-packed evening for her fans.

Mr Steve Anderson, Kylie's musical Director, has just tweeted moments ago...
"The first @kylieminogue show at The Hollywood Bowl was one of the highlights of my life, sure tonight will be the same for everyone going"
I agree Mr. Anderson! Whoooooop!

See you at Kylie's magical 'Aphrodite Live' shows in LA and Vegas!

peace & love, Marky Marc

Thanks to Peter for the Hollywood Bowl Marquee photos.

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

*Goosebumps* OMG, it is finally happening! Cant wait for the coverage! Have the most wonderful time (as if you wont!). I will be there in spirits :)

Marky Marc said...

thanks Henry! I will scream out "Henry loves Kylie" during 'if you don't love me' :) Whoooop!