Kylie has America all Wrapped Up

After dazzling audiences in Europe and Asia, Kylie Minogue has moved on to the US.
And the singer, on her worldwide Aphrodite tour, looks like she has the coveted American market all wrapped up.
Kylie stepped out of her hotel in New York yesterday wearing a top that featured an enormous bow tied around her neck.

The 42-year-old was surrounded by fans and photographers as she left her Manhattan accommodation in a black pencil skirt with thigh-high slits and towering YSL heels.

Kylie is in the middle of a three-night run at the iconic Hammerstein Ballroom before stops in Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and on to Mexico.
The All The Lovers singer has received positive reviews for the US leg of her tour.

Basking in the glory: The singer is currently on a three-night stay at the Hammerstein Ballroom

In its review Billboard described the diminutive singer as 'an international star whose back catalog has never received its deserving embrace from the stateside mainstream.'
Apart from Loco-motion and Can't Get You Out Of My Head, Kylie has struggled to break the American market.
But she does have a loyal fanbase there and is championed by influential bloggers.

In talks? Kylie was spotted chatting to film mogul Harvey Weinstein the day before

And just this week, Kylie was seen air kissing with movie mogul Harvey Weinstein outside her hotel.
The pair are friends who go back years, but with her successful tour of the US raising her profile, perhaps Kylie is ready to give film another try.
After the US and Mexico, Minogue will move on to South Africa before ending the world tour in her native Australia in June.

On tour: She has received fantastic reviews on the US leg of her Aphrodite Tour


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Jon said...

She is inexhaustible! Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...
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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Can't say I love the outfits! (But then again, of course they pale compared to her stage outfits) ;)