Kylie's Aphrodite Live Tour Is Sick'ning!

By John Polly (New Next Now Blog)

Hot fashion. Hotter men. Thanks, Kylie!

I’ve always liked Kylie Minogue. She’s a fun pop artist, sweet superstar, has crafted some really fun-infectious tunes through the years, she loves the gays and seems to have a healthy sense of humor about herself. Then last night, I went to see her in concert here in NYC for the first time.

The experience was BRILLIANT. I’m totally not being forced to write this or anything. (And yes, Logo is sponsoring her Aphrodite Live Tour here in the U.S.) And I want to make this quick… She sang her ass off — and yes, even with dancing, and costume changes and 9,000 happening onstage Kylie sang. And her voice was strong. And ON! And she basically nailed everything. And like I said, she was singing LIVE.

More sick visuals, to give a sense of the grandiose scale of the show, after the jump!

But what really seduced me and blew my mind where the show’s visuals. I’ve got a few snaps here for you, and some video but really… If you can catch one of her North American tour dates this month, GO.

Because throughout the show, amid all the fabulous musical richness being served, your head may explode at the gorgeous, towering, artful, sexy and thrilling visuals hurled at you. The stage is dominated by a large staircase and a Grecian/Roman temple-like facade with columns, but behind all of this are massive screens that serve up the most colorful, decadent and stunning imagery that I’ve seen onstage.

Kylie is down there somewhere on the stage, but those visuals! Gaaaaaaaah! And this was a tame moment.

The animation and photos and graphics and film is a mix of pop culture nods, massive Kylie images worthy of epic fashion shoots or IMAX movies, sexy male body images, pop art…

Musically, she cranks all of her hits you want to hear. Standouts are a grinding/rock version of “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” a carnival-like “Better the Devil You Know,” a swirly-girlie take on “Spinning Around,” and faithfully fierce takes on “Get Outta My Way,” “Love at First Sight,” “I Believe in You,” “Wow” and “In My Arms.” And she even cranked out a blissfully soaring/sassy take on Annie Lennox’s “There Must Be an Angel (Playing With My Heart).”

And yes, the show wraps with a heart-stoppingly amazing version of “All the Lovers.”

This was some mad Ursula-sea-monster/draggy madness happening. I loved it!

Style-wise, her gowns range from Grecian toga goddess fierce, the shiny/plastic couture madness. And her hunky dancers often wear little, and sometimes kick it in big draggy hats and fierce heels.

Again, this is too much already. Just check the pics, ogle the videos and get tickets for the Aphrodite Live Tour if you still can. You will not regret it.

Kylie would like for YOU to come in costume to the Aphrodite Live tour, please!...

OMG, she’s adorable! Here’s a shout-out as she kicks off the U.S. tour!...

Here’s just another gorgeous overview. And listen to Kylie’s sage advice at the end…

And then, the end of the show will look something like this. Confetti forever!!!!

Get all the info and tour dates for Kylie’s Aphrodite Live Tour. And you can thank me later!

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