Kylie Minogue “Aphrodite – Les Folies Tour Edition” and "Goddess Edition" Details!

We are getting two new editions of Kylie‘s Aphrodite album. That’s what’s happening.

We’re talking pop-up book, new remixes 
and photos – the works!


To coincide with her highly successful Aphrodite - Les Folies tour arriving in Australia next month, Warner Music Australia's gearing up to drop two special packages of Aphrodite which will hopefully see the pop diva return to the loftier end of the charts.

Minogue's eleventh studio album Aphrodite has so far yielded three singles - 'All The Lovers', 'Get Outta My Way' and 'Better Than Today' - all of which have topped the US Billboard dance charts, making this her first album to score consecutive #1 dance hits. However, back in her home country Australia, 'All The Lovers' only managed to peak at #13. The other two singles flopped disastrously outside of the Top 50.

The forthcoming tour edition of Kylie's Aphrodite will be a three-disc epic, boasting the standard edition album plus a new remix CD and a separate party megamix.

Check out the tracklisting...

Disc 1 – standard Aphrodite album tracks.

Disc 2:

1 – Put Your Hands Up (Pete Hammond Remix)
2 – Aphrodite (Denzal Park Remix)
3 – Cupid Boy (Stereogamous Dub)
4 – Get Outta My Way (Paul Harris Vocal Mix)
5 – All The Lovers (WAWA & MMB Anthem Remix)
6 – Put Your Hands Up (Muscles Club Remix)
7 – Better Than Today (Bimbo Jones Remix)
8 – Higher (Taio Cruz featuring Kylie)

Disc 3:

20 Minute Megamix Party Disc

The third CD featuring a 20 minute megamix includes ('All The Lovers', 'Put Your Hands Up', 'Get Outta My Way', 'Better Than Today', 'Aphrodite' and 'Higher'), also by Denzal Park. The official rear cover of the deluxe edition is pictured below...

There’ll also be another super collector Aphrodite package modestly titled the Goddess edition, which features a pop-up booklet and exclusive new photos. Check out the delicious creative process here on the official Kylie Goddess blog.

The most divine Kylie collectors item ever produced - the amazing sculptural creation aptly titled the 'Goddess Edition'. This once in a lifetime book features exquisite pop-ups in celebration of the 'Aphrodite Les Folies Tour' experience, the 'Aphrodite' album, exquisite beautiful images and costume sketches and will be limited to 1000 copies.
Visit the official site HERE!

Aphrodite | Les Folies Tour Edition
(3CD Re-Package)
Release date: June 3, 2011

Aphrodite | Goddess Edition
(collectors edition featuring exquisite pop-ups)
Release date: TBA

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Jon said...

Having looked at the planned pop-up design for the "Goddess Edition", I simply MUST HAVE A COPY! Jx

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

We will of course need both editions! A shame though that none of the rumoured tracks for this edition will appear on this release after all...

marnie.harrison said...
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Marnie Loves Kylie said...
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Marky Marc said...

Thanks Marnie!, sorry your comment got deleted by mistake! :)

Barbarella's Galaxy said...

I LOVE the tour edition - got it a few days ago, along with the PYHU single. Pretty, pretty digipack - me loves!!!