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Monday morning, eugh. However, my week just went from looking a bit dull to fabulous. Stylist has teamed up with the ever lovely Kylie Minogue and I for one cant wait to see the results. Lucky for me I don’t have to wait for that long.

So, its Kylie’s 25th year in the industry and the clever people at Stylist as celebrating this momentous moment with the only imaginable effort. They have invited the world’s top 25 designer to dress Kylie and there is a photo shoot to match. 25 glossy pages of Kylie hits London and other locations on Wednesday. This is going to be EPIC on an entirely new scale. Seriously. Stylist has always been on top its game when it comes to its fashion, but for some reason I think that this week they are going to blow them all out the water. Stupidly Super Excited.
I mean really, there will be Kylie in Tom Ford and Kylie in Chanel amongst others. How could any fashionista not be excited about this? I mean custom-made high fashion on the Pop Princess, or as I like to call her, Showpony.

Even for Kylie, this is pretty amazing and she went on to say: “There were lots of ‘Oh my god’ moments during the shoot and I loved every minute of it. Every single piece of clothing is gorgeous. I can’t believe so many designers sent things through. There were moments during the shoot when the outfits took my breath away. I’m so excited to see the issue.”

Lisa Smosarski, the Editor of Stylist (and my personal media hero) says: “Everyone has a treasured fashion memory of Kylie, whether that’s her crownless hat on her first album cover in the Eighties, stonewashed denim in the Nineties or gold hotpants in the Noughties, so it’s no surprise that the fashion world embraced this bespoke concept so enthusiastically. Her influence on fashion is indisputable.”

So, its London Fashion Week and we have Kylie Minogue in couture, all thanks to Stylist. I am impressed and cannot wait for the issue to hit the streets. Bring it on! (Fast forward me fighting over the three different covers, I want them all)
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UPDATE 2/14/2012 The Stylist Issue is now LIVE...Check it out! Here’s a link to everything:

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Barbarella's Galaxy said...

Wow - love the photos, cant even pick my fave! I would buy all these covers too!!!

Jon said...

I got the "sunglasses" cover, courtesy of a woman I work with, and will try and get the other two on my way home if there are any copies left.

Stylist is a free magazine, after all...